1. Weekly Group swim, bike, and run workouts
    • Group workouts provide members the opportunity to train with and learn from each other. We strive to accommodate athletes of all abilities. Participating in group workouts is a good opportunity for new triathletes to learn training techniques and stay motivated, and for experienced triathletes to meet new training partners and train in new locations.
  2. Discounts on gear and apparel
    • Club members should take advantage of discounts on services from Cincinnati area specialty sporting goods retailers who share our dedication to triathlon and multisport racing!
  3. Discounts to local races
  4. Social gatherings and Club meetings
    • Contrary to popular belief… not all triathletes eat, breathe, and sleep training and racing! Social opportunities provide members the chance to relax in comfortable settings
  5. Club events
    • Club sponsors will host special events such as clinics for all members to learn new and different ways to approach such things as stretching, foam rolling, hydration, & nutrition among others.
  1. If you have any questions regarding membership, or anything else - please contact us!